Doin' New York With Your Pooch
Eileen's Guide of Pet-Friendly Lodging and Outdoor Adventure in New York

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What To Do ...
Choose a place to snooze for you and furface from more than 1,000 New York State hotels, historic inns, 5-star resorts, motels and B&Bs. From the Thousand Islands to Long Island, Lake Erie to Lake George, you'll find accommodations in every price range to suit every taste. 

  • Fluff Fido's pillow at Ithaca's posh La Tourelle Country Inn.
  • Whisk your wagger away for an Adirondack adventure at Lake Placid Lodge.
  • Put on the dog at the Hotel Westbury, just one of over 25 pooch-friendly Manhattan hotels.
  • Cozy up in the Catskills with the snoozemeister at dog-friendly B&Bs (Bed & Biscuits?) like the River Run in Fleischmanns.
  • Longing for a Long Island interlude? Check out Port Jefferson's Danfords Inn on the north shore or Southampton's Bayberry Inn on the south shore.

What To Do ...
Impress your dog with thousands of hikes, parks, lakes, forests and other dog-friendly recreation throughout New York State. 

  • Wowser your Bowser with a journey to thundering Niagara Falls.
  • Put a sparkle in your pup's eye and dig for Herkimer diamonds at the Crystal Grove Diamond Mine.
  • Give your hound a ticket to ride on the Delaware-Ulster Rail Ride.
  • Get high on life with your hiking hound and make tracks to 5,000-foot Mount Marcy in the Adirondack Park. 
  • Set your woofer's tail in motion with a trip to Dog Hill in NY's Central Park.
  • Carouse with your cultured canine through Griffis Sculpture Park in Ashford Hollow.
  • Explore hundreds of miles of hiking trails with your pooch in countless state parks and historic sites.


L A K E P L A C I D / Lodging

(The Adirondacks)

Rt 86 (12946)
Rates: $46-$78
Tel: (518) 523-2180
(800) 257-4638

350 Main St (12946)
Rates: $48-$108
Tel: (518) 523-3700

150 Main St (12946)
Rates: $60-$159
Tel: (518) 523-3353
(800) 528-1234

Signal Hill,
P. O. Box 390 (12946)
Rates: $200-$400
Tel: (518) 523-3433

Whiteface Inn Rd (12946)
Rates: $175-$400
Tel: (518) 523-9861
(800) 982-3747

West Shore (12946)
Rates: $33-$120
Tel: (518) 523-3190

76 Carolyn Rd (12946)
Rates: $60-$125

Tel: (518) 523-4338RED LION INN
521 W Wishkah St (98520)
Rates: $79-$95
Tel: (360) 532-5210
(800) 547-8010

410 W Wishkah St (98520)
Rates: $46-$64
Tel: (360) 532-3153

712 W Wishkah St (98520)
Rates: n/a
Tel: (360) 533-2340

623 W Wishkah St (98520)
Rates: $37-$62
Tel: (360) 532-3280

L A K E P L A C I D / Recreation

(The Adirondacks)

John Brown Farm State Historic Site - Leashes

Info: Set high in the Adirondacks, this site is definitely worth a look-see. Glean a smidgen of knowledge on a self-guided tour of the farm or cloudgaze on a grassy knoll where you can take pleasure in something as simple as fresh mountain air. Pick up a pamphlet for an interesting read about John Brown's life and his tenacious support of the anti-slavery movement. For more information: (518) 523-3900.

Directions: From Lake Placid, head south on Route 73 for 2 miles to John Brown Road. Turn south .75 miles to entrance.

NEW YORK (continued)
L A K E P L A C I D / Recreation

(The Adirondacks)

Algonquin Peak Trail Hike
Intermediate/8.0 miles/4.0 hours

Info: If you want to take home memories that will last a lifetime, then you'll want to take this exhilarating outdoor excursion. No bones about it, this tons of fun hike combines so many interesting elements that your memory banks will likely go into overload. You and your canine companion will be journeying to Algonquin Peak in the MacIntyre Mountains. At over 5,000 feet, it's the second highest mountain in New York State. The stimulating albeit strenuous climb to the summit is almost as beautiful as the panoramic views from the top.

Taking off from Heart Lake, you'll quickly reach an engaging cascade of crystalline waters before climbing a short pitch. (When you traverse the timberline of paper birch, balsam and deep mosses, step lightly and carefully, this area consists of fragile alpine vegetation). Two miles into your trek and you'll arrive at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the summit. The expansive views of the surrounding High Peaks are nothing less than breathtaking, particularly Mt. Colder, its famous gorge carved out of the sheer rock. Nearly all of the high peaks can be seen from your lofty perch, the serrated edge of the evergreens adding to the magic of the moment. When you can find the willpower to leave this vista-blessed peak, keep your eyes peeled for the huge blue crystals of labradorite embedded in the anorthosite and the three-leafed cinquefoil of the alpine summit. For more information: (518) 897-1200.

Directions: From Lake Placid, take Highway 37 east to the intersection of Adirondack Loj Road (Heart Lake Road) and turn right. Continue on Adirondack Loj Road to Adirondack Loj parking lot. Follow the Van Hoevenberg Trail to Algonquin Peak Trail junction. Continue straight ahead one mile.


Mount Marcy -Van Hoevenberg Trail Hike
Intermediate/14.0 miles/7.0 hour

Info: If your wish list includes standing atop the highest peak in the Adirondacks, Mount Marcy at over 5,300 feet should be your destination point. But you'll want to get an early start and pack plenty of Perrier and high energy munchies for this long and somewhat arduous journey. You'll walk in beauty while you delight in the crisp pine-scented mountain air. The surrounding landscape is crammed with jagged peaks that continue high above the timberline. Their bare-rock pinnacles support a windswept alpine ecosystem of mosses, lichens and dwarfed trees and are more than enough reason to lace up the hiking boots and go for the gold. Remnants of past Olympic Games will add a touch of nostalgia to your expedition. On this path, the oldest and most popular trail to Mount Marcy, you and your Olympian will undoubtedly meet up with others on the trek to the summit and its stunning views. Make it to the top and you won't stop bragging and barking to anyone who'll listen. Carpe diem Duke! For more information: (518) 897-1200.

Directions: From Lake Placid, take Highway 73 east to the intersection of Adirondack Loj Road, (Heart Lake Road) and turn right. Continue on Adirondack Loj Road to the Adirondack Loj parking lot and the trailhead. Follow blue markers for Van Hoevenberg Trail.

Note: Trail is marked with blue trail markers. To protect the delicate vegetation, leashes are a must above the timberline (about 4,000 feet).

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